Forever Doesn’t Last Too Long These Days


Ever wonder if life is passing you by?

Ever wonder if your current situation is all there is?

Ever wonder if you’re just wasting time?

Ever wonder if sitting idle is doing you justice and will serve a purpose later on?

Many times, we think something is forever when forever isn’t lasting long these days…..

Jazmine Sullivan said it best.

Giving yourself completely to another when it doesn’t seem good enough

Being more for someone than you are for yourself just isn’t fair

Choose today to choose you over anything else.

Is it true that nothing lasts forever?

That’s a question only you can answer.

Betty Wright says it best.

No pain, No gain

You have to go through some stuff to gain some stuff

You have to give some stuff to earn some stuff

But who says that stuff will last forever?

Could it be lessons learned to help you grow?

Could it mean you truly have to let it go?

Only you know the answer.

Any situation you are currently in

Any problem you are struggling with

Any issue you are experiencing

Any person you are dealing with

Any battles you are trying to cross

Any questions you need answers to

Remind yourself “forever doesn’t last too long these days”

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