Aren’t You Tired of Being A Puppet?


Worrying about what others think of you, what you do and how you choose to live your life has nothing to do with you. If you know who you are, walking in your purpose and living life for you it won’t matter what others say about you. You become unbothered by them.

The trouble is when you allow others opinions of you, for you and over your life to control you. If this is you, do you know what this means? It means you are unsure of who you are, don’t know your purpose and living your life to please people.

When you live your life for other people you never (which is a very strong word) please them. There will always be something with them. Something more they want from you, more they want you to do to benefit them. Don’t you know if you live your life for others you’ll be on a constant rollercoaster? One minute you’re up and the next minute you’re down. How about choosing your happiness over theirs because chances are you won’t be able to make them happy no matter what you do.

Trying to live up to others expectations will stress you out! It’s depressing. If you find yourself in a constant battle with depression, anxiety, worrying, restless nights, isolation, energy depleted, attitude is on 1000, your mood is all cross the place, you notice people run the other way when they see you coming, perhaps people in your own household are tiptoeing around you and afraid to approach you or have a conversation because they don’t know how you will react. Perhaps you wonder why people ghost you and don’t want to be bothered. Even they get tired of showing up and implementing change to deal with you and your sour patches. The signs are there for you to stop being a poisoner to people and what they want. There is a reason and a solution to the madness.

Aren’t you tired of being someone’s puppet?

Sneak Peek at What’s to Come


I’m sure you heard the saying “there’s a time and place for everything.” I understand what that means now. I used to be in a hurry for things. I wanted it to happen when I wanted, how I wanted and at the exact time I wanted. It doesn’t work that way. All things in due timing. Especially if you are relying on God to provide, supply and release the blessings that has your name on it. For the longest time I knew I had a passion for writing. I also knew this little head of mine was flooding with dreams, goals, creative and game changing thoughts and ideas.

When a word or phrase would come to mind I would type it up, text it to myself, send it to myself on messenger or jot it down. I did this because I didn’t want to loose what seemed to be a brilliant thought. I wanted it to be somewhere when I was ready to use it. I knew eventually I would get around to putting it all together and share it one day. Well, recently I decided to pull it all out. Not because I had lots of information stored everywhere but because I have been doing some soul searching, learning who I am, establishing a closer relationship with the Lord and reflecting over my life. I realize that I have so many talents and gifts that are just floating around in my phone, on fb, on paper and on my computer. What purpose does that serve me or anyone else? Not one.

So When I decided to pull out my stored info I shocked myself at the things I read. It almost moved me to tears because the information I read was the advice I was giving other people but wasn’t following myself. What a revelation, right?! I was trying to save everyone else, help everyone else find happiness and become one with self and the Lord and all the while I’ve been unhappy chasing and wanting what didn’t chase or want me and controlling my situation. How many of you know that when you try to control a situation or the things in your life you end up empty? You can’t keep pouring into someone else’s cup if you don’t have anything left to pour into yours. God has a way of revealing everything you need at the right time you need it.

Can you believe after carefully putting the information together which consist of my thoughts, ideas, feelings, wisdom gained over the years, trails and errors, heartache, pain, sadness, lessons learned, and so much more I was able to to break it down, categorize and designate the knowledge I learned to its appropriate places to reveal it to others AND the end product is found in 4 books!! Yes, unheard of I know but what’s for you is for you. Take a look at what’s to come! Stay tuned for sneak peeks of each. Copies can be ordered in the following months. God didn’t lie when He said “if He is for you who can be against you.” He heard my prayers and He is delivering on His promises. This is truly my year and I want you to be encouraged and be still and KNOW that your season in just over the horizon. Don’t give up on the desires of your heart, your dreams, goals and the things you believe. Keep pushing and reaching for what’s in store for you.

Thank you for sticking around, reading my content and believing in me. Much love to each of you.

Shine Baby Shine


Focusing on the negative aspect of being alone is not a good thing. It brings sadness, sends you into a depressed state and it disturbs your peace. Why not see it as a time of reflection? Why not see it as a time to get your life in order so that you can welcome someone in your life? Why not see it as a time to draw closer to God so that He can give you the desires of your heart?

Use the “alone” time that you have been given to reflect on why you are alone. Use that time to set goals, set boundaries, work on you and accomplish those things you’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.

Being alone is not the end of the world. Being alone is actually a good thing. You deserve to be alone with your thoughts, your feelings and yourself. One way to view being alone is seeing it as the end of an era of your life and the beginning of another.

Focus on all the positives of being alone vs seeing it as boring, too quiet, no affection, no attention and no love. Having someone that is not benefiting your growth but hindering it is has served you no purpose. Growth is when you have someone willing to take the ride with you so that both of you can grow into something beautiful. Together. Until you have that, until that comes into your life embrace being “alone” because rediscovering who you are makes all the difference. This time is meant to prepare you for the moments you’re not alone anymore. Love is waiting but alone time is needed. Your light is just as bright when you are alone. Shine baby shine. You owe it to yourself.

Jesus is the Way


The moment you start focusing on Jesus you’ll instantly see change. You’ll wonder why you didn’t realize He was what you needed all along.

We look to people to fulfill us. We look to them to be everything we are not so we can feel better about ourselves. This destroys you and it destroys the relationship you think you have with them. Why? It’s simple no one deserves to be used at the expense of your benefit. You don’t deserve goodness by robbing someone else of theirs. What you blindly do to cause harm, hurt, shame, sadness and suffering in others will be revealed. Ask yourself is it worth loosing your friendship, relationship or your salvation over?

When you know you are doing something you shouldn’t, continue indulging in habits that’s served you no purpose or act a way you aren’t proud of change it. Understand you can’t do it alone. You need the power of Jesus to help you break the strongholds of this world so that you are no longer operating out of a place of fear. Fear of facing the truth about yourself and recognizing that it’s not always others and what they do that cause you to react or think a certain way. It’s you. So I encourage you to look up to Jesus and let Him help you through your mess.

She Warrior


A She Warrior is a woman who goes through hell and high waters praising God and come out on the other side praising God for her circumstances she has overcome and can see the light (grace upon her life). She understands the storms that come her way, meant to break her, are only a testament of her faith. She recognizes that she alone can not weather the storm and that she needs Jesus to get her through. She understands the storms no matter the magnitude is preparing her for her destiny and equipping her to put on the full armor of God. She fears not. She questions not. She doesn’t seek understanding because she already has it. She knows it’s one more thing she must use as a steppingstone that’s preparing her to come face to face with a higher calling over her life. Her purpose.

Fear not, do not be dismayed, for your Father is with you. Rise above all that has come to rob, steal, and take away your joy, peace, and happiness. Keep the fire burning inside of you by surrendering it all to God and letting him take control of your situation. Release your stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, judgement, lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence. Get out of your own way. You must surrender it all and relinquish your power of control to become free. If its not God’s will what are you doing? If it’s your wants and not your needs, you’re chasing after are you not running around like a chicken with no head? Are you chasing after something that you can’t see is no good for you? If you would place that same energy into building a relationship with Jesus how mighty would your blessings be! “When you’re walking in the spirit you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.”

There is a mighty move of God waiting over every circumstance in your life what are you doing to receive it?? When all is weary, and you don’t know what to do or where to turn just say “But God or Jesus”. Calling on the name of Jesus will turn your situation around immediately!! He is a healer. He is a forgiver. He is a game-changer. He is a problem solver. He is a solution finder. He is a financial blessing. He is God almighty. He is the most high. He is love. All you have to do is surrender and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Establish a clean heart. Renew your mind. Give your soul peace. Restore what was lost. Fulfill every desire of your heart. Be specific to what you want. He is listening. Let Him move. You be still. Ask God to have His way with you and watch your life be forever changed! The power of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is a force unlike no other. Try HIM today!!

There can be a such thing as a He Warrior as well. God does NOT discriminate!!

If you were touched by the word you just read, and it resonated with you I encourage and invite you to log on every morning at 7am to “New Life Outreach International” prayer calls with Pastor Carlos Rivera!! In the comments if it’s your first-time joining type in my name so that I know you’re there!

Peace, love, and blessings!



Stop waiting for the perfect moment because it doesn’t exist. Even with the most careful planning, there are things you can’t control. Instead of waiting, take action and live life already! You don’t have to see the whole staircase – you just have to take the first step forward to get going!

I used to be a procrastinator.

I used to wait for others to say something or do something.

I used to wait for others to make the first move.

I used to wait for others to complete a task, take the initiative and lead.

The moment I realized that others can’t read my mind, won’t act and do as I would, and nothing is going to be hand delivered to my door step with out me putting forth effort I squashed sitting around waiting on things to magically happen. I went out and got the things I wanted, needed and deserved! I took the the lead and got the job done.

Its then I realized that when I moved things got done. Change happened. My life got simpler. Stress started to melt away. AND others were watching. They became motivated. They kicked in gear and started getting things done in their life. I set the example. I set the tone for others to improve their life.

When you wait, you waste time. When you move you get results.


Pass The Torch/Woman Thou Art Loosed


When God has a calling over your life! The bible says “All will know you by the way you live” your life. Daughters and Sons watch this powerful message from Bishop T. D. Jakes as he passes the torch. As he DECREASES so she can INCREASE.

A powerful message from a father to a daughter. Ladies if you didn’t have a father to encourage you, uplift you, praise you, tell you you are ENOUGH, teach you, be there to comfort you, be present in your life this is for YOU. Men if you didn’t have a good example of a father figure this is for you. You are not your lack. It’s never too late to rise above what you received. There’s still time.



Free yourself from the past. Holding on to trauma, hurt, and past struggles WILL destroy you. It destroys friendships, relationships, marriages and divides families.

Forgive others who have wronged you. Ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged. Release. Its for you not them. Let it go.

Forgiveness was something I struggled with. I had so much anger, frustration and resentment inside for those that did me wrong. I disassociated myself from them. I thought by not speaking to them, not mingling with them or setting my eyes upon them that I would be fine. That it would all go away. I didn’t have to see them. Sure it worked for a time but it didn’t last long. I still had that torch burning inside whenever I heard their name mentioned.

I knew I had to get to a place where I asked for forgiveness so that I could move forward and beyond what was holding me back from living a life of peace. Once I made that move a shift happened in my life.

I am free. I am forgiven. I am forgiving. I am at peace. Letting go is exhilarating. The exhale I was waiting for and desperately needed came instantly. You see when you rise above all that came to destroy it won’t matter what needs to be done. What matters is that you had the strength and courage to do it!

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