Denial Explained


Denial is declaring something to be untrue and refusing to believe the obvious.

Refusal to admit the truth or reality of something that we can see, hear, feel.

A conscious decision to refuse to believe painful situations exist.

Escaping unbearable feelings and thoughts associated with what’s real.

Resisting the process to see what is and what isn’t in our mind no matter how foggy our minds may be.

I urge you; I INSIST that you….

Stand up for yourself. Take your life back. Say no more foolishness and uncertainty. Enough Is Enough.

There are 3 types of denial:

Simple Denial– something is happening but refuses to see the obvious.

Dummy Downing Denial– acknowledging a situation but refusing to see the seriousness in it.

Shifting Denial– accepting the problem and its seriousness but blaming someone else for the emotions you feel from it.

How to deal with denial:

1. Take a step back to see a situation for what it is.

2. Talk to a professional or someone trustworthy that will be real and raw with you and help you recognize the difference between fact vs false hope.

3. Go in silence to process and gain insight and a new perspective.

4. Allow yourself to feel every emotion that’s come your way.

5. Be honest with yourself and others and accept the outcome.

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