Stop waiting for the perfect moment because it doesn’t exist. Even with the most careful planning, there are things you can’t control. Instead of waiting, take action and live life already! You don’t have to see the whole staircase – you just have to take the first step forward to get going!

I used to be a procrastinator.

I used to wait for others to say something or do something.

I used to wait for others to make the first move.

I used to wait for others to complete a task, take the initiative and lead.

The moment I realized that others can’t read my mind, won’t act and do as I would, and nothing is going to be hand delivered to my door step with out me putting forth effort I squashed sitting around waiting on things to magically happen. I went out and got the things I wanted, needed and deserved! I took the the lead and got the job done.

Its then I realized that when I moved things got done. Change happened. My life got simpler. Stress started to melt away. AND others were watching. They became motivated. They kicked in gear and started getting things done in their life. I set the example. I set the tone for others to improve their life.

When you wait, you waste time. When you move you get results.


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