She Warrior


A She Warrior is a woman who goes through hell and high waters praising God and come out on the other side praising God for her circumstances she has overcome and can see the light (grace upon her life). She understands the storms that come her way, meant to break her, are only a testament of her faith. She recognizes that she alone can not weather the storm and that she needs Jesus to get her through. She understands the storms no matter the magnitude is preparing her for her destiny and equipping her to put on the full armor of God. She fears not. She questions not. She doesn’t seek understanding because she already has it. She knows it’s one more thing she must use as a steppingstone that’s preparing her to come face to face with a higher calling over her life. Her purpose.

Fear not, do not be dismayed, for your Father is with you. Rise above all that has come to rob, steal, and take away your joy, peace, and happiness. Keep the fire burning inside of you by surrendering it all to God and letting him take control of your situation. Release your stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, judgement, lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence. Get out of your own way. You must surrender it all and relinquish your power of control to become free. If its not God’s will what are you doing? If it’s your wants and not your needs, you’re chasing after are you not running around like a chicken with no head? Are you chasing after something that you can’t see is no good for you? If you would place that same energy into building a relationship with Jesus how mighty would your blessings be! “When you’re walking in the spirit you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.”

There is a mighty move of God waiting over every circumstance in your life what are you doing to receive it?? When all is weary, and you don’t know what to do or where to turn just say “But God or Jesus”. Calling on the name of Jesus will turn your situation around immediately!! He is a healer. He is a forgiver. He is a game-changer. He is a problem solver. He is a solution finder. He is a financial blessing. He is God almighty. He is the most high. He is love. All you have to do is surrender and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Establish a clean heart. Renew your mind. Give your soul peace. Restore what was lost. Fulfill every desire of your heart. Be specific to what you want. He is listening. Let Him move. You be still. Ask God to have His way with you and watch your life be forever changed! The power of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is a force unlike no other. Try HIM today!!

There can be a such thing as a He Warrior as well. God does NOT discriminate!!

If you were touched by the word you just read, and it resonated with you I encourage and invite you to log on every morning at 7am to “New Life Outreach International” prayer calls with Pastor Carlos Rivera!! In the comments if it’s your first-time joining type in my name so that I know you’re there!

Peace, love, and blessings!

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