What it means to become Aware


To be aware means to have knowledge or be well-informed about something, a situation or fact. When you are aware you are cognizant (mindful) through experiences of your own or witnessing the experience through others. When you are aware you are more alert, careful, considerate, more thought-provoking, slower to react and you make better choices and decisions than you did before you became aware. When you become aware it’s hard for you to turn back to your old ways. That’s not to say you won’t slip, but it will become harder to relapse and sit in it than it is for you to continue the journey of becoming more aware. When you become aware of that relationship going in a direction that hasn’t proved to be beneficial for your mental, emotional, or physical wellbeing you’ll make a decision to leave. When you become aware of that job that doesn’t recognize your potential and doesn’t offer you an opportunity to grow and advance, you’ll become aware that it’s time to move on. When you become aware you’ll recognize the company you keep and the so-called friends who have been talking behind your back but smiling in your face, their negative energy, the whispers, lack of help and judgement. Your awareness will move you to find a new set of friends that will bring substance to your life. When you are aware you’ll be aware that you are aware and that others are aware that you are aware. Careful, some may not get that statement but read it again. Being aware moves you from one place to another. It moves you to bigger and better and aligns you exactly where you are meant to be to receive bigger and better.  

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