Why is She considered a “bad” girl?


I hear a lot of times that a man will choose the bad girl vs a good girl. Let’s explore the option that we could be looking at this completely wrong. Suppose the “bad” girl is not a bad girl after all. But rather, she is strong willed, independent, self-sufficient, standard having- (deal breakers), not as uptight, vocal, sure of herself, don’t take any mess, and free to live her life the way she pleases without regard to other people’s thoughts. She doesn’t seek approval or validation. It’s all in how you perceive a person’s personality and demeanor by evaluating their qualities, actions, and what society has taught you about what the norm is. They aren’t at all bad, but they are grouped as such. Men and Women want what they want and are attracted to what they want. How can we say that he or she is “bad”? What is the basis? Are we basing it on how we are and how we were conditioned to believe a good girl is supposed to be? Something to think about.

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