Beacon of Light

Being a beacon of light simply means providing inspiration and encouragement. Sharing testimonies, listening to the experiences of others, admitting fault and owning it, accepting consequences without harsh retaliation, being apologetic, being understanding and having the willingness to continue despite the tough times are just a few ways to let your light shine and be a blessing to others. Lead by example. Teach from experience. Give wise counsel. Do not judge but in all things comfort and show support. Did you know experienced people are experts? They can provide a substantial amount of insight into circumstances you face. Knowledge is power. A seasoned person gains wisdom through learned behavior, trail and error. I’m a true believer that no one can truly comprehend what another is going through unless they have experienced it themselves. Transparency is key in storytelling. Trust is gained. Relationships are formed. Healing takes place and the will to go on begins elevating you to the next level. We all have a purpose on earth, let yours be a beacon of light that shines bright.


The Beginning

Becoming Numb

70 Lessons To Apply To Your Everyday Life

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