What being FREE means


🗣️Wisdom 101

There’s power in being FREE. A power that not too many understand. It’s said that I live my life free. I took that as a compliment. Here’s why.

My definition of FREE is to…..release yourself from Fear, Reservation, Expectation & Excuses!

How you choose to live your life has no bearing whatsoever on a person that chooses not to be FREE. In fact, if your freeness irritates or cause a person to treat you different that means they want to be free too but for whatever reason they’re trapped.

Quietly, they are fighting a battle within themselves. Trying to change a person by making them feel guilty for being who they are so that they fit your narrative is wrong. If you’re free spirited and live your life without hesitation, say what you feel, do what you want, act and not overthink, choose to see the good vs bad in people and situations, easily make friends and live life without thinking someone’s waiting around the corner to do you wrong doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you.

It simply means they are trapped. They are fearful. They aren’t walking with God or in their purpose. They haven’t allowed themselves to fully be who they are. They don’t see the world as their oyster.

I choose to be free, sociable, and approachable. Are you with me? Comment “with you”. 🙌🏾

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