Knowing your worth…but do you really?


I read a lot of posts and see a lot of pictures with the caption “know your worth” as if they really know. I throw no shade for those that do know their worth and commands respect. I’m high five’n the ones that honestly do. When a lady knows her worth, she doesn’t try to convince others of it, they know. She doesn’t have to brag about the positives, they see. She doesn’t have to be loud because she’s seen even more when she’s silent. She doesn’t have to explain anything because it’s already understood. She doesn’t have to draw attention to herself because she’s already recognized. She doesn’t have to demand it because it’s respected and comes automatic.

I ask women do you know the difference between being a woman vs a lady? If uncertain, here are a few differences to think about. A woman is merely a female adult. A lady is polite and respectful. There is a difference because not all women are polite and respectful to others or herself.  A lady is gentle, has a place in social society, noble, courteous, and is a wife (maybe not currently but will be). She takes care of her health; her appearance is regal. She doesn’t speak to tear down, instead she uplifts, her personality is sought after, her presence is felt in a room full of people, she commands attention simply by being present, and the mention of her name is intriguing to all who hear it. She’s tapped into her femininity and loves being a lady. She’s full of wisdom. She is submissive. She is considerate, passionate, a helper, and supporter. She loves God and answers to Him and her husband. She respects her husband because he respects God and treats her like his own body. She works tirelessly and doesn’t complain. Her dress covers her body, she’s careful not to reveal her temple and doesn’t take delight in flaunting for all to see and gawk over. Her hair is neatly tamed, her makeup is of a natural essence and her smell is pleasant. She is an inspiration, pure at heart, and has a genuine soul. She is appreciative and doesn’t mind giving thanks.

A woman is usually loud, disrespectful, and obnoxious. She feels the need to speak about everything and takes delight in having the last word as if she has proved a point. She is defensive. She reserves the right to explain herself even when it’s not warranted. She feels entitled, and has expectations which are most of the time too high. So high that even she misses the mark with upholding them herself. She’s not submissive; holding on to her independence even if it costs her everything. She wants a say in everything, she doesn’t know how to speak to others and despise a man that tries to correct her. A woman wants to lead and not follow. She is very emotional and sensitive. She is condescending and enjoys negative talk. She seeks the approval of others and needs to be validated constantly. She has low self-esteem, lacks self-respect, unstable, and is needy.

I can go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Let me put in a disclaimer that I’m not at all talking about every woman because there are some good ones learning and improving to become a lady. It is possible with consistent work and perseverance. Knowing your worth is great but knowing your worth and not broadcasting it is even better. A lady doesn’t have to convince others or try to make it believable. Your value should never decrease no matter the circumstance. Meaning don’t take jabs because you can, don’t fall into temptation because you can, don’t exercise your God given right to use the power of your words to hurt others, don’t be mean because it only makes you look ugly even if you are not. Be kind and increase in value by improving your life and upgrading your character to one that is noble and respected.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m only trying to help.

p.s. Happy New Year!  

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