If you see a friends significant other cheating…mind your business!


Yes, I know when we see something we want to say something. I’m here to tell you that in some cases this will end your friendships in the blink of an eye.

It’s almost instinctively to let a friend know if someone is doing them wrong. You think that you are saving them from a headache or a heartache. Truly I say to you, it does look and seem that way if the intentions are pure but majority of the time it is not perceived as such.

You feel you are obligated to them. You feel you are being disloyal if you don’t tell them what they don’t know. You feel if they find out you knew and didn’t tell them that they would question your friendship, trust, and loyalty. I’m telling you that they gone question your position either way if you choose to tell them or not.

Everything in you wants to shield them. You don’t want them treated badly. But it’s imperative that you stay in your lane and mind your business. The reason being is because it usually doesn’t turn out the way it’s intended to. Although, intentions are good, people usually stay together because they are not ready to deal with the situation, they aren’t strong enough to leave or their situation isn’t set up for them to easily escape, they aren’t confident enough and do not know their worth. So, to avoid losing a friend, being rumored that you’re jealous, envious of what they have, coming in between their relationship or marriage, you full of drama and more when all you’re doing is “sometimes” truly helping a friend avoid heartache, it’s best to leave it alone and mind yours. They question your intentions and motives.

What do you do with the knowledge you have?


*Process it because you can’t unsee something you have seen. You can’t unhear what you’ve heard.

*Don’t give your two cents, just walk away. Digest it. Pray about it and for them.

*Let it go. Keep it moving. Understand its not your problem. Let people deal with their own problems unless your advice, suggestions or opinions are asked for. AND even then, you can still choose to mind your business for the sake of keeping friendships, tension down and unwarranted stress out of your life.

Don’t make your life more complicated than it already is or have to be by adding someone else’s problems to yours. Simplicity is the way to go.

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