Never REQUIRE someone to do something they don’t want to do.



It will not be authentic

It will not be executed properly

It will cause a divide

It will cause tension

It will shift onto you as if you are the problem

It will look as though you did something wrong all the while, you were merely standing on your principles, the standards you have set for yourself and the value you know you to be

It will cause your peace to be interrupted

Recognize the signs and believe people when they show you who they are. Stop making excuses. Stop allowing them to feed you excuses of the way they act or treat you.

If it, or they, do not bring about peace, positive change and exhibit growth and love, you’ve got to be strong enough to let it or them go.

Why put yourself through pain, stress, and doubt if you don’t have to?

After a while when a person loses you and know you mean business and they still don’t do right by you, you know what time it is.

There’s no time for questions. There’s no time for waiting. There’s no more time to give them so they can figure it out or deal with it in their own way. They’ve had enough time to do that when they lost you the first time, or the second, or the third.

End the cycle.

Go silent. Not a word. It’s going to be hard before it becomes easy. When it becomes easy, don’t look back. Keep pushing forward.

There is someone, other than that one, that will see, know and understand the value in you.

It’s time for you to see it and walk in it.
Believe what you see, feel and know in yourself.
Stand on it if that means you stand alone!

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