Learn to be Silent


Just because you have something to say doesn’t negate the fact that you HAVE to say it. Things understood doesn’t need to be explained.

If you haven’t already I encourage you to be silent the next time someone says something just to get a reaction out of you, does something that you don’t approve of or hurt you in anyway. Chances are they will know before they say it or shortly thereafter that they shouldn’t have said it what they said. They will hear it as soon as they speak it. If they follow up with tactics trying to get you to respond or ask you what you are thinking that means they know they messed up. Be silent. Let them wonder. Let them eat the words they just spoke into existence.

Majority of the time silence makes others feel uncomfortable. You must learn that their uncomfortableness doesn’t have to affect you. Learning you can say something but choosing not to let it effect you just to prove a point, win up someone, be heard, have your feelings understood is when you hold the power and grow!

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