RESPECT is regard to the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you aren’t disrespectful

What matters is whether or not the other person feels you are.

PLAN that helps with this ☝🏾

  1. Acknowledge their point is valid to them
  2. Apologize, it’s for them
  3. Remove thee from you
  4. Be true to you

🤷🏽‍♀️WHY>>>>>when you “acknowledge” that’s saying you weren’t aware your truths would negatively impact them but you are sorry that it did.

🟣You “apologize” to ask for forgiveness for offending them when that wasn’t your intent.

🔵“Removing” someone out of your inner circle that constantly feels you being you is disrespectful towards them is necessary in protecting your peace.

🟡“Being true to you”, well it speaks for itself. You’re choosing YOU🫵🏽!

🟢 POINT>>>> we can’t continue going through life walking on egg shells because of others thin skin, emotional deficits, alter ego’s. If you have to consistently defend how you feel, your opinions and your truths, let go.

🟠Having a simple conversation, making a statement or speaking your truth shouldn’t be a negative all the time. Life is too short people.

✔️Stop allowing people to make you be “perfect” when it’s simply “impossible”!

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