It’s A Requirement That You Choose You


🗣THIS is EXACTLY what I tell my clients!


I recently shared a fraction of “MY” story and later had someone threaten me and tell me I had 24 hours to take it down because it made THEM uncomfortable.

I did not. BECAUSE it is MY story & I protected everyone that was involved in my story by not disclosing NAMES or specific locations.

People understand that you have the right to tell your story your way to those that will listen, especially if it will help others.

I AM a Coach and this is my BUSINESS. My purpose is to share my experiences and the wisdom I’ve gained from them to help others along their journey.

If you do not like it or it makes you uncomfortable….

Mind Yo Business and Let Me Tend To Mine!

Neyo’s wife made one thing clear, “the mentality of a narcissists”!

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