Laws of Attraction


The law of attraction is energy fueled by your thoughts. If you think positive, you attract positive, if you think negative you will attract negative. This is manifesting. The concept is that you attract what you are, like attracts like. Whether you believe it or not, there is nothing you need to physically do to activate it. It is law.  

What are the laws of attraction?

  1. Like attracts Like
  2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum
  3. The present is always perfect

When these principles are activated and applied in your life you will know because you’ll see the positive changes taking place in your life. You can attract people, things and pretty much anything you desire when you allow the laws of attraction to work in your life.

  • Like attract Like.

It’s true that opposites attract, but it’s also true that like attracts like. However, people gravitate towards people they share similar interests and beliefs. When you think positive you get positive results. For example, if you’ve been surrounded by negativity and start to surround yourself with people with positive vibes, viewpoints, attitudes, and behaviors, it is highly likely that you will start to think positive thoughts and positive things will start to happen in your life making it impossible for you to continue hanging around negative people.

  • Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The law of thermodynamics. This attraction is common for all of us. No matter how many times we clean our houses or cars about a week later we have collected more things that leaves us cleaning again and wondering how this stuff keeps finding its way to our house and in our cars. If we remove toxic friends out of our life, over time we fill that empty space with new friends. It’s practically impossible to have a declutter moment that will last forever.

  • The Present is Always Perfect

This law is tricky. Living in the present we think it’s always a mess.  Turn your current situation into a perfect one. For example, you may feel your relationship is on the edge of no return. You want to throw the whole relationship away because of one, two or three minor issues. Everything else in the relationship is great. Ask yourself, is it really that bad? Could those things be worked on and perfected?  It comes down to you bailing or continuing to perfect the relationship. Like attracts like so if you want that perfect relationship, it requires work.  By no means am I saying stay in a relationship that is not healthy, but work at it so that you know what it takes when the perfect one comes knocking.

For more information on the Laws of Attraction:

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