Going through a bunch of Bad Apples to get to a Good One


“You have to go through a bunch of bad apples to get to a good one”

I recently heard someone say, “you have to go through a bunch of bad apples to get to a good one”. Boy that’s a mouthful right there! And I couldn’t agree more! When we go to the grocery store as we stand in the produce section, we don’t pick up the first apple we see. Nah, we stand there for several minutes picking through them to find the best one. It’s like a scavenger hunt up in there. Is it red enough, is it hard enough, how does it smells, is it bruised, blah blah blah. We do the same thing when it comes to choosing people to date and finding the ONE. You have to go through a few bad apples to get to the right one.  

Have you looked over your life and thanked God for bringing you out of some awkward, dangerous, and dark places in past relationships? I know I have. I have been in relationships that were verbally, mentally, and physically abusive. I was in a relationship with someone that was mentally unstable, and I thought I could fix them, but I couldn’t.

None of us like going from one relationship to another. It’s exhausting. You get tired of going through failed relationship after failed relationship. You feel like others will judge you and think you’re the cause of people coming and going. The anxiety and stress that comes from the thought of starting over is overwhelming. Getting to know someone takes time and there is nothing worse than wasting time on a person that turns out to be everything you don’t want.

It doesn’t matter how many relationships you have been in that didn’t work out. Don’t you dare give up. Your person is waiting to discover you. Your person is actively looking for you. Giving up on love is not an option because it’s out there! People come and go. There’s reasons why people come into our lives. Some come to teach us a lesson. Some come for a season leaving valuable nuggets behind that reminds you of what you want and don’t want, what you can and can’t tolerate. Acknowledge those bad apples that turned into failed relationships because now you’re able to position yourself for the right one!

Remember the shiniest apple is not always the best one. It doesn’t have to be perfect just imperfectly perfect for you. Your person may not look like or act like you envisioned. Let me say this, that ONE will be everything you need and never knew you wanted! So, the next time you’re in the market shopping for the next apple, remember a little dint or bruise never hurt anybody and it doesn’t have to shine the brightest. Especially, when it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.

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