Happy Juneteenth


June 19, 1865 is a day widely remembered. It is a federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

157 years ago it’s said that we were set free. But were we? Today we still fight on a consistent basis, daily. A step forward is progress made no matter how small it may seem.

Free is never giving up. Free is pushing forward when it seems unbearable. Free is believing that your God will carry you through. Free is having the courage to seek more of what was promised to you.

Today and everyday be PROUD of being BLACK. Be PROUD by embracing who you are and your sexuality! Be PROUD of our ancestors who fought and paved the way for us.

I AM Takisha Fowlkes and I am PROUD TO BE BLACK. ✊🏽
Happy Juneteenth
Happy Pride Month

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