Most People are NOT Interested in what You have to Say


If your story, concerns, suggestions, advice, or opinion has no real affect or benefit people could care less what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if what you’re saying have value, holds weight and is true. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything and let people think what they want. Listen to your intuition and save yourself time and energy. Don’t waste time trying to prove a point or get someone to see your point of view because chances are they won’t especially if their mind is already clouded or set one way. Stay in your lane and enjoy the smooth ride. Everything doesn’t need to be said. Remember the loudest person is the one that’s trying to prove a point that is otherwise nonsense. Real people recognize real people and they care about what you have to say. And one more thing, if this type of person or people are in your life….cut them off. Life will be easier, air will be fresher and your mood will be elevated! Choose peace people… 365 days of the year. ✌🏽

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