Sick & Tired of the Negative Nancy’s & Norman’s….Your Thoughts?


In a world that’s so geared towards starting a negative movement whether big or small just to see if someone, anyone will agree with your way of thinking is truly sad. Why make nothing into something because you have a stirring in your emotions that you can’t control? Nobody wants to constantly talk or be surrounded by negativity. Use that energy for something positive to change yourself and the world.

Here we have one man that felt the need to voice his opinion and start an outrage. I mean what was the purpose? What was he trying to prove? I always say if you’re going to do something make it make sense otherwise shut up, sit back or sit the hell down.

An uproar all because of a black woman dressing her best to be her best and feel her best. People get a life or get busy trying to get one. Stop wreaking havoc onto and into someone else life all because you see them being great and you feel you’re not. Stop it daymit! Read the story in the link below.

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