Betty Davis: The Trailblazer


Betty Davis was a songwriter, singer, and model most known as the Queen of Funk has died at the age off 77. She wrote and produced her own music, two songs hit the charts one of which barely made it coming in at #97. She did not make it to be astronomical in the music industry, but her music was heard, and she made an impact being different and original. She was told that her music career was “over” and her response “I accepted it” and she never made music again. She died in Homestead, Pennsylvania, her childhood home.

Whether you are a lover of Funk or not, always follow your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you it’s “over” and you just “accept it” unless you truly do. I’m sure her decision to acknowledge and accept that her music career was over was no walk in the park. Imagine being told the very thing you love to do is “over”, that’s hard stuff. She illustrated confidence and self love by knowing who she was therefore she was ok with it. She didn’t try to impress others by proving a point that she was great because we know that she was. She not only accepted it, but she did not let it control her future or inner thoughts. When you know your purpose it hits different when others do not see it.

Acceptance is a hard thing but knowing when something is out of your control and choosing to live beyond the unsettling is important. Continue to do what you love no matter what others think, that’s your choice. It’s sad that after all these years the music she made, the dreams she had, her contribution to the world, the inspiration she gave so many will be reintroduced to the world after she has left this earth. Give people their flowers while they are alive and striving for greatness. Everyone has a story to be told whether that’s through words on paper, actions on screen, voice through music or art on canvas. Let people be who they are and give them a chance to express themselves. What may not be good to you is great to someone else.

Rest in peace Ms. Davis. You made an impact and you birthed superstars who followed your taste of expression through music, Erykah Badu and Prince are just a few. People will continue to listen to your message all around the world. #impact #influence #BettyDavis

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