You can’t handle the truth or You can’t handle my reaction….Let’s Talk! Share your thoughts…..


The TRUTH is something a lot of people struggle with. We say we want the truth no matter how bad or ugly it may be but….. is that the truth or is that a misconception?

When a person asks for the truth they do not fully embrace the fact that it could possibly bring pain, hurt, humiliation, sadness, anger, fury, thoughts of retaliation, and bruised egos. What we are asking is something we are not always ready and prepared for. Understand if you want the truth you need to have thick skin to be able to handle it when its presented to you.

Be open to listening attentively, be understanding, exercise reasoning, and control your emotions and impulsive urges to lash out. This reaction makes the person who is telling the truth feel as though they can not open up and talk to you. It makes them feel gaurded and restricted from having conversations that need to be had. They see your reaction(s) as you not being able to handle the truth. This is the very reason men or women OMIT the truth, LIE or say nothing at all.

Also, let me make this very clear. When the truth is given to you, don’t discredit it and act as though you still don’t believe it. In other words, just because the truth is not what you EXPECTED or ASSUMED doesn’t make it a lie. Acknowledge and accept the truth for what it is.

Be careful of what you ask for if you are not prepared for what comes next.

#truth #misconception #understanding #reasoning #reaction #expectations #assumptions #personal-development

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