PEOPLE>>>>Do Better. Be Better. Live Better.


Chester killing of Mr. Jeffries.
I’m just hearing about the death of such a young man, at the age of 33, his life was taken while his main focus was trying to be a good father to his 8 year old daughter. It pains me that in a world so full of hate, envy, and pure evilness that as black men and black women we still choose to add to it instead of being the change and solution we desperately seek. Closing the gap between our own kind should be our main focus. Especially, when we have so much already against us. No matter how hard an individual try to change the world; you just simply can’t, not alone that is. It takes a village consisting of each and every one of us pulling together undivided to get the job that’s long over due done. Stop the violence. Stop the black on black crime. One is dead. One will probably spend the rest of his life in jail. One sweet baby girl lost a father, who she witnessed being murdered in front of her. She will forever be tarnished and haunted by the images of this deadly and heinous act. The other one, well, that one will live life regretfully.

PEOPLE>>>Do better. Be better. Live better.

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