Stop Collecting Red Flags!


Stop Collecting Red Flags!

A red flag suggests the need to halt or stop. It signifies the possibility that a person won’t have the relationship they intended and that there will be consequences down the road.

Not trusting your gut leads to danger. If things don’t add up take it as a sign. Don’t ignore them. Facts are facts. If you see them understand you can’t UNSEE them. They’re there and they are very real.

Inconsistencies, irresponsibility, emotional unstableness, lack of communication, and absence are just a few of the indicators of underlining & bigger problems. There are many others. Do not overlook them.

If your attention is drawn to a certain activity, act, conversation, quality, or habit it would be wise to voice that you are displeased and why. Let that person know that what they are doing makes you uneasy and if not corrected or ceased to exist that it will cause a bigger problem.

Do not let anyone tell you that you are complaining, badgering, or nagging. You are entitled to your feelings and those feelings should be respected. If it is not received well and the shift of blame begins, understand that is a RED FLAG.

If you choose to stay it would be wise to seek counseling to address the issue directly while it is fresh. Do not let it fester and become a thorn in your side or a pain in your ass.

Recognize and accept when there are signs screaming for you to let go and let God! Your body will also warn you in the way it reacts if something is not right. Listen to it. Address the situation by exercising self-control, respect, and grace. If you feel uncomfortable remember that crucial conversations are ones that you are not holding or not holding well. Identify them, accept them, and do something about it. The more silent you are the more violence will occur which means the more problems you run into!

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