Soul Mates


Soul Mates

Do you believe in them? I never really gave much thought to the idea but now that I am approaching the 4th decade of my life, I do. It’s my belief that our souls have one mission in life, to find a connection with its better half, and fulfill its purpose while inhabiting earth. Two hearts, when joined together as a perfect fit, creates magic. Beautiful magic. 

 When two souls join together, they become inseparable. There’s a bond that no matter where they are in the world, they constantly find a way to connect million miles away. The heart aches, the soul yearns and sends impulses surging all through your body, igniting, awakening sensations and vibrations as if it was the very first time. 

Ever wonder why it’s so hard for you to get over that ONE person? How a song can come on the radio and it takes you way back to when you and that person were together? Or perhaps, you remember feeling the rush of emotions that overwhelmed you and flooded you with memories of the good times? And it’s in that moment that you realize you would relive it a thousand times over if you had the chance to be in the company of that person? 

Your heart aches, your body yearns, your soul cries out. You’re only thought is that you hope they are feeling the same as you. You want to reach out, run to them, call them, text them but you know you can’t. Things have changed, people have moved on, life is different. You prayed, dreamed and hoped for a day that the two of you can reunite and start over and live a life that is unimaginable. A life happily ever after. 

Have you ever experienced what it’s like to think about someone and your heart skips a beat? When it finds its rhythm, it beats faster and faster? It’s magical. A fairytale. A mystical fog that has lifted. A clearer view. An undeniable bond that is unbreakable. 

Soul Mates always find their way back to each other without any real effort from the physical human individual. Gravity and the force behind it is so strong, as if it were titanium and nitrogen joining together. 

Truly missing someone and loving them is heavy stuff when there are obstacles preventing the two of you from being together. There is a profound truth to “when you know, you just know”. It should not be taken for granted. You should not brush it off and think that it has no real meaning behind it because I am here to tell you that it is. 

God makes us all with the intention of joining together with another, our soul mate. The one that He chooses for us. Many times, we get confused because we do not recognize it, we are busy allowing other things to interfere and stand in our way from taking the destination chosen for us. 

Some people get it right the first time around. They recognize the undeniable bond when their souls attract. They stop at nothing to preserve, build and grow together and they live happily ever after. While others are searching, they attract, they get attached and weighed down with soul ties. Soul mates and soul ties are totally different.  

A soul mate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. The feeling is deep and natural. There are similarities of, love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust that unites, ignites and glues them together. Not only do you know it, they are your best friend, you have a sense of calmness unlike any other when you are in their presence, extreme empathy, respect, you balance each other out, you both agree on what’s important, share the same goals, challenge each other, you can be completely yourself, you fight for the relationship, you understand each other’s emotional languages, you’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders, you feel each other’s pain, intense chemistry, you’re there for one another, secure in the relationship and you just want to be around each other. Carolyn Twersky said it best in her Aug 27th 2020 issue topic of “18 signs you’ve found your soulmate” and she is spot on!

A soul tie is a person(s) you’ve been intimate with that you’ve formed a spiritual or emotional connection with. You have to be careful when connecting with spiritual beings because not all spiritual people are of God. Not all people come with good rittens. Emotions will leave you running around in circles. For ex. a hamster, in its cage on its roll coaster wheel, they think they are going somewhere but in actuality they’re not. Still in the same place, exhausted and frustrated and letting life pass them by. You must be careful with soul ties so that you do not confuse the two. You can have multiple soul ties but only ONE soul mate. Soul ties are hard to break. They will take root and grow inside you and cause complete chaos. Disturbing your peace, your happiness, and putting your mental and emotional stability at jeopardy. The stress, anxiety and depression associated with a soul tie is a dangerous thing. Unknowing to you, all the persons that you let inside of you leaves an impression. Not all are good ones.  It’s as if you absorb all of their negative energies, their ill intentions, and evilness. Think about what that will do to you, better yet think about all the people you let in, intimately, over a period of time all their qualities fighting for their chance to dominate, altering your entire existence. A lot of different personalities, traits, habits, thoughts, etc. all reside inside you because you chose to lie down with them. Be careful not to get in a world wind of chaos and entanglements. 

Soul Mates last forever, they are positive, they make you better than you ever thought was possible. Soul Mates are the happily ever after that we see in the fairytale movies. They are real. We all have one, predestined, before we were born. Consider yourself very blessed to have found yours. If you have not found him or her yet, don’t worry, pray that God reveals him or her to you when you’re ready to receive them. Happy Soul Mate Searching my loves!  

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