You’re In For A Treat!


WE ARE THE SAME! Well, when it comes to our need for improvement that is. Everyone, at some point in their life would welcome sound advice and wisdom, right? Are you in search of better days, a better life, a better version of yourself? If you answered yes, then you have come to appreciate life and you choose not to waste it being ordinary and living inside a box. You have chosen to live life outside the box and find ways to explore your inner potential. You and I both know life is precious and we should enjoy every moment of it. Tomorrow is not promised. One thing that I like to point out to people is that TIME is the one thing that we cannot get back, so why waste it?

There are people who are not prepared to acknowledge truths about themselves or, worse, they may not be interested in investing in themselves to learn what it takes to become a better person or perfect the area(s) in which they struggle, whether it be personal or in their relationships. 

It’s important for you to understand that if you want to see change and be better you must show up and be committed. You must be ALL in or not at all. 

I encourage you to challenge yourself. Hold yourself accountable for the progress you make, the levels you achieve and the goals you meet. It doesn’t matter if this is a personal journey or a journey as a couple you choose to take. It is a journey nonetheless! 

How we engage in learning is different for everyone. For some the ride will be a difficult one. For others it may be an awakening that needed to happen. The objective is to become “self-aware by remembering, acknowledging, identifying, reliving, and processing past traumas, trails, and tribulations”. Pain, suffering, grief, anxiety and so much more may reside there but to get past something we must go through them. They are a part of our past and they do not dictate where we are heading! The difficult circumstances that have fallen upon you provide you the necessary tools needed to move forward and create a life you dream of.

I am providing you an opportunity to push past your fears, struggles and overcome them. “Uncovering layers of past difficulties that has marginalized or has silenced you” will yield positive results. Sure, there will be “triggers of powerful emotions some intentional reactions” but suppressing them only makes situations more difficult for you. Have you felt the urgency and need to address them, but you pressed it down and kept going? If this, is you, tell me, how has that been working out for you? 

Don’t you know that resistance is a natural response? “Both pride and pain are woven into recollections and remembrances that incite anxiety and resistances to facing the representations of the oppressive, violent, and painful episodes” as Julia Rose, clearly points out, “it is easier to forget and “move on” than it is to remember and do the work of finding the lessons and relevant meanings” from past situations and that “avoiding difficulties mean missing learning opportunities that are otherwise ethically responsible, inclusive and enlightening”. It’s the “tough stuff” that keeps us from having and holding crucial conversations that need to take place. 

Once again, I challenge you to set aside time for yourself. I will be holding a Two-day webinar full of information on how you can start your journey to recovery so that you can reset your way of thinking, recharge your mood and energy and regain control of your life by implementing a proven strategy that works. Elevation is possible and it is at your fingertips. More importantly, I challenge you to share what you learn with your friends, family and colleagues once you start to see positive results and your life changing for the better. Subscribe to R3CE blog by going to our website @ and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ R3 Coaching Elevated. I look forward to working with you and delivering ground breaking information to help you elevated your life like never before! 

*Ref. Difficult Knowledge: History is too much to bear. Julia Rose.

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