Ladies: Men deserve to be Appreciated & Respected!


Ladies: Men deserve to be Appreciated & Respected!

I can’t possibly count the number of times I’ve witnessed a man being disrespected by his girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. I used to be disrespectful in some of the relationships I was in. I didn’t see myself as being disrespectful but merely more along the lines as strong, self-aware, and independent. We don’t see ourselves as being disrespectful until we are forced to see it by someone pointing it out to us or when we are in a battle with our conscience when we analyze what we’ve done or said after the fact. It’s dated back to biblical times, where we were given illustrations of what a strong, independent woman looks like. Don’t believe me read the book of proverbs. We’ve also been shown by our mothers. Careful not to take credit away from the mothers that raised their children in a two-parent household, but it is surely seen through the single mother household raising her children alone.

Haven’t we all been shown how to be strong and respectful? You don’t have to lose your sense of dignity and respect for yourself and others by being disrespectful because you allow your emotions, wants and perception to cloud your judgement. Respect must be given to receive it. I would beg to differ when I say that respect is not earned. It should be automatically extended to each person. When you are disrespected, even then there should be a level of respect for the individual who has wronged you. This does more for you than the other person.

Shine the light on your MAN. Men deserve some spotlight too! The sun doesn’t rise and fall on us all the time LADIES! We take our men for granted. They work hard and are subjected to workplace disturbances. When our men step outside their front door, the burdens of the world are placed upon their shoulders just because they are MEN. They strive to be good fathers to their children and provide support. They yearn to be the best mate possible for their lady. They desire to keep and maintain a level of freedom while in a relationship. Men have boundaries and those boundaries should be respected. A man has a right to be respected and appreciated just as women do. There are men that demand and require respect and as much as you may want to believe otherwise, a woman is more likely to give respect with ease when she is cared for. When a woman feels her man can lead by example and guide her through life she can relax. The woman appreciates what her man does, and she respects him.

When a woman senses weakness and feel as though she must be the dominant one in a relationship, without realizing it she kicks into independent mode and she becomes hasty, vocal, and demanding. She sets ultimatums so things happen on her time. She becomes short tempered when things do not go her way. She starts to resent the man when something comes along unexpectedly and disturbs her peace because he doesn’t understand or know exactly how to comfort her. When this happens, she starts to disrespect and appreciate him less and less. Are there lightbulbs going off in your head yet? I’m sure your eyebrows have raised 300 degrees by now. If a woman feels she can not let her guard down and allow herself to become vulnerable, she will not respect a man for being a man. I know, I know…you’re probably saying BUT that doesn’t give her a pass to disrespect me. You are right, it sure does not. Reality is what it is and men you must see it for what it is.

A wise woman practices essential skills when it comes to respect, appreciation, etc. I’m sure you all have heard the saying, a woman is seen and not heard? I know some of you may take offense to that. I have, the point is, women should be seen as regal, respectful, supportive, loving, and gentle. A woman’s mere presence, absent of words, is strong enough to allow us to be seen and heard. When operating with a man be his peace, his safe haven, his supporter, his confidant, his number one cheerleader. His LADY. A man doesn’t need to be operating in a relationship where two people are trying to wear the pants. Even for a man whose partner is of the same gender, one must be the dominant and the other not so much. Man & Woman, Man & Man, Woman & Woman, you should all strive to understand the boundaries of your relationship, know your partner, and respect them.

The world is already full of mishaps that disturb our peace as soon as we walk out the door. It is heavier for our men, so ladies be kinder, gentler, loving, and respectful and appreciate what that man does for you. There’s truth to the old saying, what you don’t appreciate another will. Don’t make mistakes you’ll regret. It takes some longer than others to realize this and when they do, it’s too late. Don’t make his life anymore harder than what it already is. Stand up for your man, show him that you appreciate him, all that he does do and stop pointing out the things he does not do. If he misses the mark, so what? After all he is human.

One thought on “Ladies: Men deserve to be Appreciated & Respected!

  1. This is a great article because not only is it reminding women to respect men, which I’m sure the men reading this are agreeing with, but it also highlights when women start to feel like she can’t respect her man, there is a cause for that. Hope this can help both sides understand each other more.

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